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Happy September from the West Indies Staff


Hi to everyone! We hope you enjoyed your summer! It’s time to cool things down the autumn season begins September 22nd. Good News! We are excited to have Rey Santos as our new West Indies Care Manager! Rey has been working at the Villas for 12 years. He is married and has four children.

On behalf of Rey, Joe, Leslie and all the care staff here in the West Indies, to all resident family members may you find comfort knowing we all care, understand and have lots of compassion for your loved ones.

September will be a busy month kicking off with Labor Day on the 5th. We hope you get a chance to kick back and relax as you work hard all year! We’re also in the planning stages for Oktoberfest, which is a big festival lasts 2 weeks 9/17 to 10/2.

In September we have three residents birthdays Jean Baughn 9/27/21, JoanMauri 9/25/30, & Helen Signorile, 9/29/16. Check it out, Helen looks amazing for being 100 years young!

As you enjoy September take time to tell a member of the Villas Care Staff thank you. Give them a hug or just a nice smile it truly means a lot to all of them. And from all of us, thank YOU for entrusting us with your loved ones.

Sunshine and smiles….. Rey, Joe, Leslie and theWest Indies Staff

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From the desk of the Executive Director

jan mcalister

It is estimated that today more than 31,000 people live in assisted living communities in California. The first assisted living communities opened in the late 1970’s in Oregon. They were seen as a more affordable alternative to nursing or convalescent homes as well as a less institutional environment for seniors who could no longer live in their homes.

My first day of work at “Palm Terrace” Assisted Living in Laguna Hills was June 11, 1999. We did have nurses and med techs by that time. In the absence of a caregiver or a med tech, the nurse would cover the shifts so as not to create overtime. While some Assisted Living Communities had a string to pull on the wall if you needed help, at least my community had a pendant system. Many communities had what you would call “universal caregivers”, which meant you not only assisted residents, but you served meals and occasionally did housekeeping duties, as well. For the larger communities, I think that is next to impossible now.

Needless to say, assisted living has changed considerably since the 1990’s. Much of this is due to a large number of facilities being built in the 1990’s and early 2000’s and the need to be more competitive and offer more choices for residents. Also, the State of California began passing lots of legislation regulating the industry which they continue to do every year. Our Residency Agreement was six pages long in 1999. It is now 20 pages long, not including all the addendums. I have to say that the evolution of the industry has made assisted living communities much nicer places to live as well as places where residents have many more choices. I embrace the changes, but can’t help smiling at the memories of the earlier days of assisted living!

I hope you will take advantage of the many Fall activities we have coming up in September and the months to follow. Our activity program is second to none. The Activity Team of Barbara, Mario, Dianna, Leslie and even our own Business Office Manager Maria are constantly striving to come up with fun activities, educational seminars, resident/family parties, new card games, art projects and weather-appropriate outings. If you have an idea you would like to see implemented at “TheVillas”, please email Barbara Tancredi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She will not only answer you, but will do her best to make it happen!

Jan McAlister
Executive Director

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From the desk of the Executive Director

jan mcalister

August is a wonderful month in many ways. For me, this year, it is the start of my second month as your new Executive Director here at San Clemente Villas. I have been fortunate to have a supportive team and will work hard to make your Community a place you are happy to live at.We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the sunshine and warm summer days in Southern California that include the Dana Point Harbor, the San Clemente Pier and the constant view of the Pacific Ocean.

Later this month, I will be traveling to Trinidad, California to enjoy the redwoods, do a little fishing, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the northern coast while visiting my parents. Trinidad is a small fishing town just north of Eureka just in case you were wondering where it is. My parents are residents in Temecula, CA, but have vacationed and later spent their retirement summers “up north” for years. Salmon, halibut, red and black snapper and ling cod are the fish we catch and my parents clean it, can it, freeze it and smoke it! They are experts at preparing “fish dishes”. My dad is a diehard deep sea fisherman, and my mother has made an excellent “first mate” who can handle the boat and a fishing rod like one of the guys! Can’t say that I can keep up with her!

I would also like to say a word about our previous Executive Director, Karen Milroy. This is the second time I have followed in her footsteps as an Executive Director. She hired me back in 2007 to work with her at another community and I am following her again here at TheVillas. I feel she has mentored me in so many ways since that time, whether it be with a work-related issues or sharing one of her “world famous” recipes. She is just one of those people you hope will be in your life for the rest of your life. Aileen and Paul had a wonderful send-off party for her on June 30th and I know she will be missed, but hope her retirement years will be just as fulfilling for her as her career years have been. Hats off to Karen!

Have a terrific summer,
Jan McAlister

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Hoedown at SC Villas Celebrating July 2016 Issue of South County Magazine

Hoedown at SC Villas Celebrating July 2016 Issue of South County Magazine

Local publication - South County Magazine - celebrated its July 2016 Issue with a Country Western BBQ and Hoedown at San Clemente Villas! Featuring San Clemente Villas, the magazine thanked Aileen and Paul Brazeau, co-owners of San Clemente Villas by the Sea, for coordinating such a festive affair to celebrate its July 2016 edition - the gracious hospitality of Aileen and her attentive staff, who went above and beyond to ensure guests a memorable experience.

The event saw attendees mixing and mingling with other local business owners and professionals who 'noshed' on delicious lamb chops, grilled corn, skewered veggies, fresh fruit - an amped up backyard barbecue just in time for the holiday weekend! Guests socialized with some of the facility’s residents, many of whom got into the act - line dancing to music by a live country western band!
Photos by Mark Montgomery, Montgomery Photography

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San Clemente Villas Male Caregivers and Med-Tech

2016 july newsletter 12Rey Santos is a Med-Tech in our "West Indies." He came to the Villas many years ago as a Caregiver. He worked also as Caregiver for the owner Paul's previous wife Ruthie. That really says a lot about Rey that the owner of the Villas requested him to be caregiver for a family member! Rey has been through a lot of training over the years. Rey loves working with the residents. In his spare time Rey loves to go to the beach.


2016 july newsletter 13Julio Pastrana came to the Villas about 3-4 months ago (2016). He works as a Caregiver here, but also as a CNA in a nursing home. He got his training in Anaheim as a CNA. He is also an RNA which is a Respiratory Nurse assistant. We're so glad he came to work with us! Julio loves making the residents happy. His passion is being someone the residents can talk to and feel that they're not alone. He also is passionate about making sure they're doing well.


2016 july newsletter 14McRyan Satos name probably came from his great great grandparents because his great great grandpa was named Mc-Cario. So it’s of Filipino origin, not Irish (people have asked because of the “Mc”). McRyan came to us March of 2011. He is a Med-Tech on our AL side. He likes helping residents with their medication and other needs. McRyan is cheerful and loves to make residents laugh! In his spare time, McRyan likes to visit friends and be with family. McRyan says, “No, I’m not related to Rey Santos.”


2016 july newsletter 17Amar Singh came to work at the Villas in 2014. He is a Med-Tech Caregiver. He is now also an LVN and plans to continue working at San Clemente Villas. Amar enjoys basketball. He's been working in the field of care giving for 10 years. He loves making the residents happy!


2016 july newsletter 15James Fajardo came to the Villas about seven years ago. He is a Caregiver and Med-Tech on the AL side. James loves doing a good job he says. He actually is a Certified Nurse Assistant as well. He enjoys that the Villas has a Family Atmosphere". Residents might not know that James loves to cook and bake. James is married and has three daughters.


2016 july newsletter 16Gilberto Ramirez is a Caregiver in our “West Indies”. He started working at the Villas again two years ago. Gilberto has actually worked here a total of 14 years because he left and came back. He loves working at the Villas. When he's not working, he is resting getting his strength up for his caregiving job. He has a grown child, a son.

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Mother's Day Tribute: Ingeborg B.

ingeborg bancroft

My mother is great because she is always ready to try a new adventure!

-Love, Bob

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Mother's Day Tribute: Martha C.

martha C

Martha Ciampa is a very special person to our whole family because she always adds a positive sparkle to your day, and brings joy and laughter to everyone around her. Martha Ciampa is a fabulous cook. Each year on your birthday she would have the whole family over for dinner and make you your favorite meal and cake! We love you so much! Happy Mother’s Day Martha!

-Kate Andrews, granddaughter

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Mother's Day Tribute: Alyce B.

Mothers Day Tribute

Our family loved to play all kinds of games & my brother Jim & I learned about sharing, winning, losing, and most of all family love!


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Mother's Day Tribute: Eleanor W.

Mother's Day Tribute

Happy Mother’s Day! I remember the love you had and still have for jazz music, especially the big band music of the late thirties and forties. I asked you why this had such a big influence on your life and why it was so enjoyable for you. You proceeded to tell me about all your escapades with your two accomplices and partners in crime – Norma and Ruby. As under-aged teens, you used to sneak into the clubs and “speak easys” to listen to the big bands coming through Vancouver on their tours of the US and Canada. So one time, but probably more than one time, Duke Ellington asked you to sit on the piano bench while he played his music – “Take the ATrain” and others. You said it was magic and never forgot it. Several years later when my brother and I were old enough to appreciate it, Duke Ellington and his band were touring again and came to play in Stockton CA.We all went and had a fantastic time! That really influenced my appreciation and love of music and in particular big band jazz music. To finish and to demonstrate that your influence continues on with my family, your granddaughter Emily got into dance and playing music on the piano. You went and watched one of high school dance recitals and they did a number with Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing” as the music. You really enjoyed this - both the music and the dance routine. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Love, Michael, Kelly, Liam, and Emily

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