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April Events at San Clemente Villas by the Sea

Spring is here at San Clemente Villas by the Sea and we have many exciting activities this April! Check out our April Newsletter to keep up with the fun!

Calling ALL Veterans!

EVERY VETERAN, man or woman, needs to do this

You were given a form to fill out and return to Barbara Tancredi, Activities Director. Please do so IMMEDIATELY. The information needs to be sent the first week in April to someone who is going to speak at our Memorial Day Service. If you lost your form, ask at the front desk for another one.  (Not spouses of Veterans, only those who served themselves). Thank you in advance!


Easter Bunny Photos

Saturday, April 8th - 10:00 am to Noon

He’s sittin’ and thinkin’ about the wonderful time he’s going to have with you! Tell your friends, neighbors, kids and grandkids! Wear your Easter finest! Free photo!


Celebrating Life Group

Starting Friday, May 5th - 9:30 to 10:30

Meeting in the Theater, and then every Friday thereafter same & place. This group is being formed as the coming together of kindred souls who have loved and lost and know that the way to carry on is to celebrate life, not mourn loss. For our first series of sessions we will be listening to (CD) and discussing the amazing book, Heaven, by Randy Alcorn. If you’re unfamiliar with this book you’re in for a treat. Talk about celebrating life! This is not just any book on Heaven – it is likely the best ever written about celebrating life. Well, just wait and see. We hope to also bring in guest speakers at some point and to go on Celebrating Life outings. Sign up on the sign up sheet coming soon and join us!


Candlelight Dinners

4:00 pm in the Dining Rooms

There will be a Special Menu and beautiful music, come and enjoy!


The Knit Wits

WITTY KNITTERS to steal the term from Dana Point’s local news, the “DP Times”, is about an article published recently (February, 2017) written by Kristina Pritchett. The full article can be seen at www.danapointtimes. com. The article features our own Jessie Strike, Margo Grube and her daughter Cindy, along with five other ladies who all knit blankets for Camp Pendleton parents. That’s Margo front left, and Jessie next to her in the photo, and Margo’s daughter Cindy in the middle of the back row. The “San Clemente Knit Wits” have donated hundreds of blankets, booties, hats and more to parents at Camp Pendleton that are expecting a child. It all began years ago at an aerobics class at Ole Hanson Beach Club. One of the members of the aerobics class mentioned that she had started taking items such as diapers and baby wipes to young couples at Camp Pendleton. That birthed (forgive the pun) the idea of making baby blankets, asMargo will tell you. She’s a Villas resident and one of the groups’ original members! In fact, member Carol (see below) was just here at the Villas and told me, “Margo Grube and I got a count of our baby sets for Camp Pendleton Baby Boot Camp. So far we have 125 sets that we will deliver April 24th. That’s a record for us. The last delivery we made to Baby Boot Camp was December 19. At that time we took just over 100 sets.” If any of San Clemente Villas’ residents are interested in either joining the group or donating their own creations, email group member Carol Hagedorn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (949) 606-6749.


Bingo Bonanza

4th Thursday of Every Month @ 2:00pm

The more that come, the bigger the fun! Stay and join us at Social Hour immediately following.


Monthly Resident Meeting

1st Thursday of the Month

These meetings are a time to learn "what's going on," ask questions, and share concerns. It's also a time to give praise where praise is due!

Don't Miss Them.


April Employee of the Month

Amelia Diaz

Before coming to the Villas Amelia was a private caregiver in Laguna Beach (Emerald Bay). She was with a couple there for 6 years (2000- 2006). But let’s go back. Where did this beautiful lady get her start? Well, when Amelia was in fourth grade her teacher asked, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Amelia said she really thought she would be a teacher or a nurse. Amelia’s father had left the family when Amelia was only five, so her mother was mother and father for the eight children consisting of five boys and 3 girls. Amelia said her mother was an excellent mother and provider. This was all inMexico.

Amelia came to California in 1975 with her mom and brothers when she was 17 years old. Immediately she went to work in a strawberry field, doing that for three years. “Not only strawberries but all vegetables, you name it!” She was grateful, she needed a job as she needed to help support her mother and brothers. She also worked in a factory for a year, in a hotel for housekeeping and in a fast food restaurant. In the beginning, as you can imagine,Amelia was scared because she didn’t know English. It was difficult for her to communicate. She never went to school here, but she learned English by working.

Amelia met the father of her children, Domingo, at San Clemente Ranch (south end of town). It was love at first sight. She was 19, he was 23. The two went on to have four children; three daughters Ruby, Arlene and Aricelli and one son Javier. They range in age now from 29-36, and all are out on their own. Amelia has seven grandchildren that she adores. All of Amelia’s children and grandchildren live in the area so she gets to see them often. Sadly Domingo passed away last year.

But how did she come to work at the Villas? In April of 2006 Amelia applied for a job as caregiver at the Villas. They called her two days later for an interview and she got the job. She was working as a caregiver for almost three years when she got the promotion to be a supervisor. I know everyone at the Villas joins me in expressing our love and gratitude for Amelia. She has a servants heart and a genuine love for the residents. The Villas, the residents, and her friends are all very lucky, indeed, to have Amelia in our lives!


We Love the ACTIVITIES at the Villas

Here are some of our recent events & activities at San Clemente Villas by the Sea. Our Activities Director, Barbara Tancredi, does a wonderful job, Thank You Barbara!

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