jan mcalisterJan McAlister
Executive Director

The month of February, for the most part, makes us think about celebrating Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Contemporary Valentine’s Day is connected mainly with romantic love. The modern Valentine’s customs developed in early modern England and spread in the 19th century. The customs include sending cards, flowers, or chocolates to one’s beloved. Paper Valentine cards became so popular in England in the early 18th century that they were assembled in factories. Many of you are single as a result of being a widow or widower and have certainly known romantic love in your life time. Since I am single, I like to remember how much I love and adore my 3 grandchildren and consider them to be the loves of my life. They have brought me so much joy with their accomplishments and their unconditional love. One has graduated from college this past December, one is working on a four year college degree and the youngest is an aspiring dancer who recently performed in her community production of TheWizard of Oz. If you don’t have grandchildren or a spouse, pick someone to remember this coming Valentine’s Day, a close friend or other relative who has been significant to you during your life. I guarantee you will be blessed by reaching out to that person with a Valentine card or remembrance. Be sure to check out our February Activity Calendar for all the great events coming up!

Love to All, Jan McAlister, Executive Director