By SC Villas on Friday, 22 September 2017
Category: Senior Health & Living

From the desk of the Executive Director

Jan McAlister
Executive Director

Since we have so many new residents of the last three months, I would like to take this opportunity to explain the roles of our managers and supervisors here at San Clemente Villas.

The first person you probably met when you came to San Clemente Villas was Sherri Saunders, our Marketing Director. Sherri’s primary responsibility is to work with persons interested in moving themselves or their loved ones into the Villas. If you have a friend or family member you would like to refer to the Villas, Sherri is the person to contact. Also, if you are interested in moving to another apartment, Sherri is the most knowledgeable about availability.

Jing Federico, Joe Manimbao, L.V.N. and Amelia Diaz all manage the Wellness Dept. in different aspects, but work very closely as a team. Amelia oversees the care service program and Jing oversees the running of the Med Room. If you have any questions regarding your health or your care, please see one of these three employees.

Maria Nemeth is our Business Office Manager, and she is the person you go to if you have a question about your bill or accounting issues.

Salvador Caballero is our Food Service Director, which means he oversees all of the kitchen and dining room operations. His is the largest department in the building and overseeing the preparation and serving of approximately 500 meals a day is a monumental responsibility, but Salvador always has time to talk to residents about their food requests. I encourage you to attend our Food for Thought Meetings, held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Our Memory Care Department, “West Indies” is now managed by Rey Santos, as the director, Lupe Ruvalcaba as the Lead Caregiver/Med Tech, and Leslie Brazeau directing the activity program. Their schedules are staggered so we have management staff present seven days a week.

Barbara Tancredi Corrigan is our Activities Director and now has Dianna Mendoza assisting with activities as well as Mario Veluz assisting Thursday through Sunday. Barbara puts together this newsletter that you are reading and the Activity Calendar. She is happy to discuss any of your activity interests with you if there is something you would like to see on the calendar.

Patricia Farias oversees the housekeeping department and Anna Lombardi-Veluz supervises the front desk staff.

Our long time Director of Maintenance, Nick Sgountzos is leaving “The Villas” to pursue other work opportunities. If you have maintenance needs, please continue placing your requests with the receptionist who will put it in the Maintenance Log Book so that the maintenance team is apprised of your request.

On the weekends Elaine West fills in for management as well as marketing and oversees what she affectionately calls her “weekend warriors.”

As the Executive Director I oversee all of the operations of the building and report to Aileen and Paul Brazeau, the owners. I maintain an open-door policy and am always happy to address any of your concerns. I also remind you that we have a Resident Monthly Meeting on the first Thursday of each month where you have the opportunity to meet and interact with the managers! Welcome to all!

Love to All, Jan McAlister, Executive Director