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From the desk of the Sherri Saunders

Sherri Saunders

 We’ve had a boom in move-ins! We’ve met some wonderful new people who are now or will soon be residents here at the Villas. Welcome as we celebrate our 14th year here! As always we strive to provide a community where residents can feel safe while enjoying all that life has to offer. I was just talking to our Activities Director and she told me when she interviews new residents, the first thing they say they love about the Villas is the food! Is it one-on-one home cookin’ like your sister or momma did for you? What we’ve found is that it’s the closest you’ll likely come to that in a community of any size.

One resident said about the service while on an outing in a restaurant, “I miss the Villas! The service is so much better there!” The second thing new residents say they love about the Villas is how friendly or “nice” everyone is. We tell them that it’s not just in our job description, but in the DNAof the people who work at the Villas. They love their jobs, and genuinely love the residents. The third thing new residents rave about are the many activities offered. Folks who have lived elsewhere say we offer far more than where they lived before.

All in all we’re a friendly, happy, busy community where there’s something for everyone. Come check us out for yourself! Come for a tour and free lunch!

Sherri Saunders
Marketing Team

Happy September from the West Indies Staff

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