Sherri Saunders

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful residents, Paul, Aileen and our amazing staff here at the Villas. All of you I call “family”, having worked here eight years! I love and enjoy my job so much. How blessed I am to come to work every day and look forward to it! I would wish that for everyone!

Christmas is a time of giving. It could be a gift, a warm touch, a hug or just quality time spent with people you care about. God has given us the gift of LIFE. My prayer is that we all cherish the gifts God gives us every day.

We welcome all family and friends to join us for some Christmas Cheer and festivities. May you and your families be filled with Joy, Peace and Blessings this Holiday Season, and into the New Year!

Love to all, Sherri Saunders
Marketing Team