Hi to everyone!

Well, I hope you are enjoying this amazing Autumn weather. West Indies would like to give a warm welcome to Mel Incerto it’s a pleasure to have you with us!

October will be a busy month kicking off with Columbus Day October 10th. This was a voyage of 3 famous ships that lead to the reputed discovery of a “NewWorld” (America) in 1492. Make no bones about it October is Dino-mite!

We will celebrate International Dinosaur Month & Fossil Day on 10/12. Happy Birthday to the handsome Craig Strickland 10/20/25 he has the best smile ever! Also beautiful Julie George 10/21/24 whom we all love.

Happy Halloween 10/31! We’ve got lots of fun planned ahead! Did you know Halloween originated in Ireland? To understand, you have to look to the “Festival of Samhain” in Ireland’s celtic past. It was a festival said to be not unlike the modern New Year’s Day in that it carried the notion of casting out the old and moving into the new.

So as we enjoy this beautiful month take a moment to smile - “happiness” looks great on all of us & enjoyed by others around you!

Sunshine and smiles….. Rey, Joe, Leslie and theWest Indies Staff