By SC Villas on Tuesday, 10 May 2016
Category: Senior Health & Living

Mother's Day Tribute: Eleanor W.

Happy Mother’s Day! I remember the love you had and still have for jazz music, especially the big band music of the late thirties and forties. I asked you why this had such a big influence on your life and why it was so enjoyable for you. You proceeded to tell me about all your escapades with your two accomplices and partners in crime – Norma and Ruby. As under-aged teens, you used to sneak into the clubs and “speak easys” to listen to the big bands coming through Vancouver on their tours of the US and Canada. So one time, but probably more than one time, Duke Ellington asked you to sit on the piano bench while he played his music – “Take the ATrain” and others. You said it was magic and never forgot it. Several years later when my brother and I were old enough to appreciate it, Duke Ellington and his band were touring again and came to play in Stockton CA.We all went and had a fantastic time! That really influenced my appreciation and love of music and in particular big band jazz music. To finish and to demonstrate that your influence continues on with my family, your granddaughter Emily got into dance and playing music on the piano. You went and watched one of high school dance recitals and they did a number with Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing” as the music. You really enjoyed this - both the music and the dance routine. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Love, Michael, Kelly, Liam, and Emily