2016 july newsletter 12Rey Santos is a Med-Tech in our "West Indies." He came to the Villas many years ago as a Caregiver. He worked also as Caregiver for the owner Paul's previous wife Ruthie. That really says a lot about Rey that the owner of the Villas requested him to be caregiver for a family member! Rey has been through a lot of training over the years. Rey loves working with the residents. In his spare time Rey loves to go to the beach.


2016 july newsletter 13Julio Pastrana came to the Villas about 3-4 months ago (2016). He works as a Caregiver here, but also as a CNA in a nursing home. He got his training in Anaheim as a CNA. He is also an RNA which is a Respiratory Nurse assistant. We're so glad he came to work with us! Julio loves making the residents happy. His passion is being someone the residents can talk to and feel that they're not alone. He also is passionate about making sure they're doing well.


2016 july newsletter 14McRyan Satos name probably came from his great great grandparents because his great great grandpa was named Mc-Cario. So it’s of Filipino origin, not Irish (people have asked because of the “Mc”). McRyan came to us March of 2011. He is a Med-Tech on our AL side. He likes helping residents with their medication and other needs. McRyan is cheerful and loves to make residents laugh! In his spare time, McRyan likes to visit friends and be with family. McRyan says, “No, I’m not related to Rey Santos.”


2016 july newsletter 17Amar Singh came to work at the Villas in 2014. He is a Med-Tech Caregiver. He is now also an LVN and plans to continue working at San Clemente Villas. Amar enjoys basketball. He's been working in the field of care giving for 10 years. He loves making the residents happy!


2016 july newsletter 15James Fajardo came to the Villas about seven years ago. He is a Caregiver and Med-Tech on the AL side. James loves doing a good job he says. He actually is a Certified Nurse Assistant as well. He enjoys that the Villas has a Family Atmosphere". Residents might not know that James loves to cook and bake. James is married and has three daughters.


2016 july newsletter 16Gilberto Ramirez is a Caregiver in our “West Indies”. He started working at the Villas again two years ago. Gilberto has actually worked here a total of 14 years because he left and came back. He loves working at the Villas. When he's not working, he is resting getting his strength up for his caregiving job. He has a grown child, a son.