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Happy Valentine's Day from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

We would like to give a warm welcome to our beautiful new residents Rose Marie Hehn, Martha Ciampa and Liz Claus!
On February 25th, we wish a happy 88th birthday to beautiful Nancy Cappuccio. She has a great smile, wonderful sense
of humor and looks amazing!

Looking forward to Groundhog Day Feb. 2nd when groundhogs emerge from their burrows. This predicts the arrival of
spring! We will be enjoying warmer days soon!

Love is in the air! Happy Valentine’s Day from the West Indies staff and residents! Each year many people exchange cards and gifts with their special “Valentine”. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day dates back to the 15th Century honoring Saint Valentine of Terni. Our residents will enjoy decorating and exchanging cards and candy with one another.

The month of February, for the most part, makes us think about love. I would like to acknowledge our staff for their love
and compassion year-round as well as their endless work and amazing dedication to all the residents they take care of. Our open and loving hearts are here for them every day! Some days present a challenge more than others, but everyone works together and walks their journey! I’m proud to be part of this team!

You are welcome to join us in the West Indies as we sing along with Bobbette, listen as Keary or Derek perform, dance
with dancing Chris or enjoy Mike Farrell’s accordion performance! See you soon!

Have a great month!  Leslie on behalf of Rey, Lupe, and all the W.I. Staff

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
leslie brazeau

Christmas is an exciting time of the year with family, friends, lights and decorations, cheery music and festive holiday meals! This is the one day of the year to remind us we have so much to be thankful for!

So, what is the spirit of Christmas? The answer can be said in one sentence “Giving without the thought of getting”. In the West Indies that means serving and giving with extra love and care. We know this is what makes the residents feel the spirit of Christmas!

December is a very busy month for all of us. Here in the West Indies Residents will be taking photos with Santa, decorating cookies, and enjoying a special Christmas party with their loved ones!

Christmas time brings up many memories. I wanted to hear from our residents. Francis M. said, “It is one of the happiest days of the year for me. We work together to make everything lovely for our family.” Patricia R. said, “I love our beautiful Christmas tree with presents that could only be opened on Christmas morning!” Eileen H. shared, “I enjoy Christmas music, hanging stockings on the fireplace and making cookies!” Eleanor W. chimed in with “Beautiful lights and children excited to see Santa Clause.” Sandy S. said, “It is always a very special day for me. All my family joins together and sings Christmas songs!”

And from all our staff and residents here in the West Indies may your family’s holiday be filled with joy and peace. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From all the West Indies Staff!

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Happy October from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
dianna mendoza
leslie brazeau

Well, I hope you are enjoying this amazing autumn weather! Happy Anniversary to the Villas, Paul and Aileen! The San Clemente Villas has been serving residents and the community for 15 years!

West Indies would like to give a warm welcome to our new residents Eleanor Whaley and Katharine Obenour it’s a pleasure to have you with us! Happy Birthday to beautiful Faye Hooper 10/4/35 she looks amazing! Also pretty Julie George 10/21/24 whom we all love!

October will be a busy month kicking off with Columbus Day Oct. 9th. And Happy Halloween on 10/31. Residents will be looking forward to fun activities for Halloween! They’ll be decorating and carving pumpkins, as well as baking and decorating cupcakes!

So as we enjoy this beautiful month take a moment to smile and thank the staff for all their hard work!

Sunshine and smiles…. From all the West Indies Staff!

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Happy September from the “West Indies”

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
dianna mendoza
leslie brazeau

We hope you all enjoyed your summer! It’s time to cool things down as the Autumn season begins September 22nd! September will be a busy month kicking off with Labor Day on the 4th. We hope you get a chance to kick back and relax! Barbeque and enjoy your family! In September we will be celebrating 3 residents’ birthdays: Mel Incerto, Joan Mauri and Helen Signorile. Check it out Helen looks amazing for 101 years young! Happy Birthday to all of you! We are also in the planning stages for Oktoberfest, which is a large festival Starting on September 16th thru October 3rd. On behalf of all the managers and care staff here in the West Indies, to all the residents family members, may you find comfort knowing we all care, understand and have lots of compassion for your loved ones. Thank you for entrusting us with them!

Sunshine and Smiles… Rey, Leslie, Lupe, and the entire W.I. Staff!

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Happy August from the West Indies Residents and Staff!

rey santos
lupe ruvalcaba
dianna mendoza
leslie brazeau

Welcome August! The summer is definitely here! So enjoy this beautiful weather as the time seems to pass us by so quickly! West Indies residents will be relaxing on our patio and enjoying scenic drives to the harbor. You are welcome to join us on Wednesdays when residents sing along with Bobbette, enjoy music with Mike Farrell and dance with Dancing Chris! As we are enjoying our summer, take a moment to tell a member of the Villas Care Staff, a thank you, give them a hug or just a big smile…it truly means a lot! Sunshine and Smiles fromWest Indies Staff and Residents.We wish everyone a happy, healthy and relaxing summer!

Rey, Leslie, Lupe, Dianna and the entire W.I. Staff!

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Happy New Year from all of the West Indies Residents and Staff!


A special thank you to all San Clemente Villas’Residents for contributing to our West Indies Staff employee appreciation bonus! All of us employees appreciated it so much!

And now it’s time for our New Year’s resolutions! Lose weight, exercise, save money, have a better life, and cook dinner without the crock pot! As for me, this year I am going to relax more!

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love the Holiday season, I let out a sigh of relief when it’s passed. Social commitments slow down and it’s time to relax.

We also celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday January 16th. He was a very strong Civil Rights Activist. Chinese New Year starts on January 28th and lasts for 15 days. According to an old legend, year 2017 is known as the year of the Rooster!

From all our Staff here in theWest Indies may you have a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

Leslie, for Rey, Joe, and the entire West Indies Staff

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