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From the Desk of Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

Sherri Saunders

Happy Valentine's Day 2018

I like to think of San Clemente Villas as a loving community.  “Assisted Loving” The need for love doesn’t come with an expiration date. Nor does it end when you move into a senior retirement community.

These are good reminders anytime, but they hit home especially around Valentine’s Day, when red hearts & chocolate candies float in the air & our thoughts turn to romance.

With so many living longer in assisted living & nursing homes, how can we make sure that need is respected & encouraged. It is not uncommon for senior residents to find companionship & sometimes true love. Oftentimes a resident has moved here from living alone and has become isolated, lonely & sometimes depressed. Assisted living offers services that draw residents out of their apartments, especially at mealtimes & for a variety of activities. And when they begin to meet others living in the community, they develop new friendships, and sometimes those sparks fly!

I believe we were all put where we are for a reason and why not enjoy life.  Please come visit us and see for yourself - Tour and be my guest for lunch anytime!  Wishing you love, peace & harmony
Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

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“Tis the Season” From the Desk of Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

Sherri Saunders

Wishing all our residents, families, staff & owners a very Merry Christmas!

San Clemente Villas is one big family I am happy to be part of. I am looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with our 6 beautiful grandchildren & can’t wait to see those little faces light up at this magical time of year, priceless!

Enjoy this time & spread your joy, love & happiness to all you know & meet.We have many among us who don’t have much family, warm their hearts if you may during this special time of year & remember “He is Born”.

Merry Christmas!! Warm wishes, Sherri Saunders


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Marketing – Sherri Saunders (949) 412-7394 Cell

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From the Desk of Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

Sherri Saunders

Happy 15th Anniversary Paul and Aileen and San Clemente Villas by the Sea!

Wow, and to think I’ve been here for almost 10 years. Many of our residents and staff have been here longer, and an elite group has been here since day one!

That says a lot about our successful family-owned community. Personally I think we all work pretty well together, and yes, it does take a village.

Autumn has arrived, and it’s the start of a busy holiday season. Octoberfest is coming up on October 5th. The food and festivities are always enjoyed by all. As always all are welcome. Yes we are known for wearing our German dirndls & lederhosen! It’s great fun!

Then we’ll be having our Surf & Turf Anniversary lunch October 12th followed up from 5:30-7:30 will be our Anniversary Party featuring “Contraband” a wonderful band playing the “big band sounds” we all love to dance to. We will dress for the occasion in black and silver attire. We’d love to see some tuxes!
And finally we will end our month with a Halloween costume party. It’s a lot of fun to see our residents dress up and sometimes they get real creative. We’ll be having a costume contest so start thinking about it now.

We’re always entertaining our community. Friends and Families please come join in on all the fun we have here or stop by for a tour anytime. Thank you for your continued support.

Please call & ask about our Anniversary Specials happening through October 31st.

Happy Halloween!
Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

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From the Desk of Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

Sherri Saunders

September is here! Tourists are gone, it’s the best time to hit the beach. Kids are going back to school. Maybe families have just one last BBQ or weekend camping trip planned. We are so fortunate & blessed to live here in sunny California, and especially here at San Clemente Villas by the Sea. It’s pretty close to an endless summer here. “The cruise ship that never sails.” So remind yourself to take time to sit back and relax, smile and enjoy life! Positive thinkers are healthy people and people I want to be around, it’s contagious!

Our days are gradually getting shorter. Fall begins September 22nd. Days are still warm and pleasant while our nights are getting cooler.

I have 6 grandchildren. One is going into 3rd grade, one is going into 2nd grade, one preschooler, one 3 yr. old and a 10 month old. What an exciting time as I watch my family grow! It’s a busy time also, helping in the classrooms, going to their games, plays, dance recitals, and special occasions. I am so proud of them all! Sometimes it hard to find the time but I always remember they are only young once and to enjoy this while I can. Weekends are usually family time. I absolutely love being a grandma, the grandchildren call me “Mema”. I love them so much, they light up my life! They keep me young and active.

Speaking of being a grandparent, It’s National Grandparents Day on September 8th. So celebrate all you grandparents! I hope you know how incredibly blessed they are to have you. Invite your grandchildren to visit, take them to the pool or reserve our library or private dining room for a family dinner. We welcome everyone, anytime. I feel very lucky to have known and lived with both sets of grandparents as I was growing up. The memories are so vivid and the stories that came to life were part of my childhood. There are so many residents that I’ve gotten to know that have such fascinating lives, and you’d never know until you sit and chat. I encourage everyone to take a moment and ask someone where they’re from or what they did in their lives. Who knows what you’ll learn. It’s a great way to stay active and alert. I’m so happy to be here at the Villas and to have the chance to know so many incredible residents and families.

Love from,
Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

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Happy August! from Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

Sherri Saunders

Happy August everyone! Wow! Higher temperatures – Summer is in full force. We’ve all noticed the heat and humidity and probably are tempted to stay put in our homes with the air conditioning blasting. It’s so important to stay cool and hydrated. I encourage all residents to take full use of our beautiful pool and spa! And if not, to exercise with the wonderful pool aerobics group – they meet everyWednesday during warm weather. You should just enjoy the water and all of its health benefits. So you don’t want to get into a bathing suit? I suggest water shorts and a T-shirt! Believe me once you do, you’ll love it and wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. Summer is also a time for our lunch BBQs. They are fabulous! We thank Salvador and all our kitchen staff that work so hard to make this possible. We invite families and friends to come and enjoy our BBQs also. If you have a friend who is interested or has any questions or would like a tour, please contact me and we can schedule an appointment. Enjoy these gorgeous summer days. Be positive and keep smiling. Remember, you are loved. We are an amazing Villas family. I feel truly fortunate to be part of the Villas! Have a wonderful month of August!

With Love,
Sherri Saunders, Marketing Director

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