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Stretch & Strengthening

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Compassionate Care & Exercise Classes Help Our Residents

Social activity along with exercise is proven to restore or increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, and endurance - as well as reducing pain.  San Clemente Villas residents receive beneficial exercise and social interaction from our care givers to help them maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.
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Our residents enjoy positive and welcome improvement everyday through our Exercise Classes that provide stretch and strengthening activities as appropriate.

With the assistance of our professional and caring staff, residents regain a more active lifestyle through renewed physical and emotional confidence and strength building.

Conditions Helped by Exercise

The San Clemente Villas care givers understand that physical therapy restores or helps to increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, and endurance - while reducing pain.

Stretching and strengthening is appropriate and helpful at any age but especially for those over 65 years of age.  Below are several conditions that benefit from regular stretching and exercise:

Arthritis:  With advancing age, almost everyone gets arthritis in their spine. To help prevent these symptoms, our treatment emphasizes strength, range of motion, balance, and coordination.

Osteoporosis:  Leading to falls and injured bones, osteporosis prevention therapy by doing extension exercises enables more stability with regard to gravity and helps foster erect posture.

Balance:  Balance is complicated because it requires many systems in the body - nutrition, oxygenation of blood, muscle strength, joint receptors, vision, and inner ear – physical therapy tunes up all of these areas.

San Clemente Villas’ resident exercise classes and group activities provide stretch activities that help increase strength, motion range, flexibility, coordination, etc. To learn more Contact us

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